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My Name is Terry, and I've had the Jeep bug since I got my first CJ5, back in 1991. It was a blue beast that was so rusty you could look through one side's quarter panel and see through the other side. I've had several Jeeps over the years, finally up to my 2005 TJ that I own currently.

My web experiance started back in college (1998) when I first learned html. I've created several websites over the years, but have receintly focused on Jeep and offroad sites.

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Jeep Tech Tips
These are some of the upgrades and modifications that I've done to my Jeep Wrangler, including adding a Budget Boost lift kit

Offroad Checklist
If you are planning a 4x4 trip, look at my offroad trip checklist for the items that you should pack. It may not keep you from breaking down, but at least you'll be able to limp home.

Take a look at some great Jeep and 4x4 videos

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About me
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