Offroad Checklist

When going on a 4 wheeling trip here is what you'll need

There is nothing worse than planning a great trip, getting out on the trail and finding out that you aren't prepared. Use the list below (I've arranged them in what I belive to be order of importance) to help pack you Jeep before heading out

Tow hooks and strap On the trail, if you happen to get stuck, there's no good way to get you out without tow hooks and a strap. I have factory hooks installed on my front bumper, and have a hook that slides into my receiver hitch for the back
Fire extinguisher No one wants to see their rig burn to the ground when a simple fire extinguisher would have prevented it.
Hi-Lift Jack The normal Jack that comes with your Jeep is fine for changing flats on the highway, but a Hi-Lift jack will allow you to do so much more. A Hi-Lift can help change tires and un-stick you when you are deep in a rut. Some newer jacks can even help you winch your truck.
First aid kit Now here's a no-brainer.
Shovel Often, your Jeep will get stuck in a rut or hole. With a shovel, you'll be able to eith dig your truck out, or you will be able to move dirt / rocks so as to give your tires more bite.
Air pressure gauge and air compressor It is common to air down the tires in you Jeep when offroading (I like 17psi myself). An air gauge will allow you to run the correct pressure. One mistake that most people make is airing down without a good way to air back up, they end up running on the highway with only 15 psi, trying to get to the local gas station - not a safe situation.
Jumper Cables It's just too hard to push start a Jeep when you are stuck in a rut.
CB Radio I'm a big fan of CB radios, especially when it comes to offroading. It makes communicating with your buddies a breeze
Motor Oil Extra motor oil can be helpful on the trail

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If you are planning a 4x4 trip, look at my offroad trip checklist for the items that you should pack. It may not keep you from breaking down, but at least you'll be able to limp home.

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